My first love… I remember telling you that when I grew up I would marry you.

My best critic… when you would tell me I had BO (and to go take a bath).

My standard for a gentleman… always holding the door for me, treating me with respect, and teaching me how to choose a good man. (I think I got that lesson right!)

My idea of a clean house… how to make a bed (‘but why do I have to make it, I’m just getting back in it again tonight!’), clean the bathroom, and wash dishes (‘waddya mean I can’t wash each dish separately with its own glob of dish soap?’ ‘I hafta wash the outside of the pan, too?!?’). There is still hope for these lessons to stick! (And yes, I have on more than one occasion cleaned my refrigerator before your visits!)

My first checking account and checkbook… (well, we really don’t have to go there, do we?)

My understanding of unconditional love and a glimpse of the face of my Heavenly Father… my first car, Mint Springs, VA, $2000+ in repairs… Oh,  and all the other times you forgave me and came through for me anyway!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I only hope I have been able to be as good a parent to my children as you are to me!

To Sam Hembree, my dad, Happy Father’s Day, 2017!

Sam Hembree
Sam Hembree, daughter in law Shannon and her husband, youngest son, Glenn Hembree
Sam Hembree (center) with his mother, Kathleen Lassater Hembree, and his dad, John Gordan Nrown Hembree, better known as Nanny and Pappaw!
Sam Hembree and Aunt Emmaline Couch
Dad. Blue jeans. Work. You had to be there! Lol!
L to R: Ike Hembree and wife Gail, William ‘Bill’ Hembree, Sam Hembree and wife Dee, around the table at his Country House, in Hogjaw Valley, AL
L to R: The Hembree boys: Ike, Bill, John, and Sam
Top, L to R: Ike and Sam Hembree; Bottom, L to R: their twin sisters, Sue and Ann.
If not pickin’, then definitely grinning! Nice hats! L to R: John, Sam, Ike and Bill Hembree, aka the Hembree boys!
These men, all of whom are wonderful fathers, from L to R: brothers John Hembree, William ‘Bill’ Hembree, Sam Hembree, and Ike Hembree.