The Hembrees of Hogjaw Valley (Bryant, Jackson County, AL) are having a little get together!

All Hembree Cousins and Relations are cordially invited!

1st: if you haven’t ordered your Shirts, there is still time. We told them we would need at least 20 shirts. Deadline Oct. 29. Click here to order a shirt.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bright and Early! Project Water Tank: replace the rotting wood under the tank. 

For over 100 years, the Hembree Farm White House has been served by a natural spring with the best, sweetest water in the valley. 

photo of the spout, Hembree Farm, Hogjaw Valley photo credit: Gail Hembree

Way back ‘when’, when my dad, Sam Hembree, was in college, he cleaned out an old metal tank and hauled it up the hill, about halfway between the spring and the house to gather water and help with the flow. After many years, the metal tank (which is a story in itself! ) was replaced by a new one. Now, the wooden support under the tank needs replacing. Teamwork will make short work of this task, so we are calling all hands on board to help! 

I would encourage you to bring some clean jugs to fill with this sweet water, which you can take home and enjoy once the work is done!

Where there are Hembrees, there is food! 

After the work is done, there will be a home-cooked farmhouse style lunch. The location  will be announced once we know how many are coming. There may be a minimal cost for lunch, to help defray the cost.

 Geocaching Scavenger Hunt

After the work and the food, there will be some fun! Hogjaw Valley is a beautiful place, and Fall in the Valley is made to be outside! To celebrate and get everybody out exploring, we are hosting a special Geo-caching Scavenger Hunt.

For those of you who are not familiar with geocaching, this activity involves using map coordinates (GPS, anyone?) to find specific ‘caches’ and locations. We want everyone to have an opportunity to visit various areas of the property. There will be items to collect, certain locations will only be revealed once a cache is located, and there will be assignments to bring back either items or pictures. 

We will leave everyone to their own devices for supper and breakfast. Sunday, after breakfast, we’ll gather and produce the results of the scavenger hunt. There will be prizes and surprises. As always, stories will be told, pictures will be taken, and laughter and good times will be shared! 

Bring your genealogical info!

We also want to share our connections, so bring pictures, stories, and genealogies!
Here’s where you come in: even if you are not attending…. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT OUR FAMILY EVENT to other Hembree relations, share the Tshirt link, and share my email, , so everyone can let me know if they plan to attend!

I am currently using WikiTree for the family tree, a site that is dedicated to one link per person. Read more about this at

The Hembree’s have lived in and around the area for over seven generations. photo credit: Gail Hembree

See you in November!

Clara Hembree Maxcy