Richard Thornton is a professional architect, city planner, author, and museum exhibit designer. He is also considered one of the leading experts on Southeastern Indians. I I want to share his recent post


It isn’t just about alcohol. It is about the metabolic reasons that Native American descendants should carefully consider what they eat, in order to maintain optimum opportunity for health. You might even see yourself in these words

“Most Native Americans outside the Lower Southeast and Lower Southwest lack the genes, which enable bodies to metabolize simple carbohydrates efficiently. ” (Richards, 2016)

Did you know, 

“The Pueblo Peoples of the Southwest and the Muskogeans of the Southeast generally … do carry an intolerance to siliac, which is a chemical found in wheat, oats and barley. In the most severe form, Muskogeans can be intolerant to most chemicals found in wheat, oats and barley. Descendants of hunter-gatherer tribes also frequently carry siliac intolerance, but not at the level of Muskogeans.”(Richards, 2016)

Why is this important?

“Wheat intolerance is the primary reason that most Creek women today must have their gall bladder removed by age 40. If they continue to eat white bread and wheat products regularly, they can expect their entire digestive system to atrophy.” (Richards, 2016)

Richards has more to say about the effects of this disease, including colon removal, beer gut, and shorter life spans. I encourage you to read the full article and continue your own research into your family background!